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Main Alarm

Swipe once alert everyone

When activated, Allone will notify all users in your immediate area, as well as your preselected emergency contacts, that you are in need of help. These people will get a notification with information about your location shown on a map, as well as your Alarm Profile.

My Alarms

Alert your friends and family

Set up your own personalized alarm with your contacts and notify them when you are in need of their help. My Alarms can be used as domestic abuse alarms, elderly alarms, campus alarms and when traveling.

Watch Me

Let your friends watch your back

Let your friends and family see exactly where you are when you’re going for a run, heading to school, or walking home from a late night out.


How it works


Watch Me

Watch Me lets your friends follow you as long as the function is activated. When active your preselected contacts can monitor your exact location as you go for a run, head to school, or walk home late at night. Allone also lets you create different groups for Watch Me, allowing a whole group to follow your location. A badge indicating that Watch Me is activated will appear next to the group name. If you find yourself in a critical situation, activate Allone’s Main Alarm.


My Alarms

My Alarms is a personalized alarm that only sends out an alarm notification to the people you have selected for that specific alarm. When creating a new alarm, you simply name the new alarm, and add your contacts. If a contact is not already an Allone user, an invitation is sent to them over Facebook. If a situation becomes more serious, your My Alarm can easily be combined with the Main Alarm function at any time.


Main Alarm

If you find yourself in danger, swipe to activate Main Alarm. This will alert all Allone users in your immediate area, as well as your preselected emergency contacts, that you are in need of help. The alert message will include your Alarm Profile and location indicated on a map.


Alarm Profile

When you install the Allone App, you will be asked to connect your Allone profile with your Facebook account. This automatically pulls information such as your picture, name, age and gender. You can edit your profile information, for example by adding specific health information that could be crucial in an emergency situation.


It is the responsibility of everyone to see to it that children are being kept safe from harm and neglect. The Allone app combines this in a very effective way.

Anna Hårleman De Geer, Secretary General, World Childhood Foundation